TNC's design becomes the trend and icon of the period.
TNC continues to design today. The TNC's designer dreams of the completion of the fashion and search the books and Internet to make new designs. The TNC's efforts will lead the cap industry of Korea and will leap to be the world best.
Not complacent at the top position, we will have the mind of looking up on the top from the position of bottom. What TNC makes become the trend and icon of the time. TNC will be more than the leader of the world cap and hat industry. We will study and try to find what our customer wants to wear and make the best quality products only. Even today, the design room of TNC lights bright. It is because we will try to meet every needs of our customers.

We, TNC is the name of your fashion identity. Thank you.

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TNC / Representation of Company : Kim Jungtaek / Corporate Registration Number : 201-18-14984
Tel : +82.2.2118.3206 / Fax : +82.2.2118.3207/
1203 12F Goodmorning City B/D 247, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
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